An innovative, children designed wheelchair, to fit semi active children with less postural needs, estimated for ages 5 to 9, in urban and semi-urban areas. It was developed under the directions of the professional team of the ALYN Pediatrics Rehabilitation Hospital,and complies with ISO 7176 and EN 12183 International Standards The chair features a compelling design, light weight, very low maintenance, high durability, and the affordable tag price of $100 at less developed environments. Delivered with cushion ,safety belt and anti tilt device.

The D-Xjunior is a four-wheel folding frame wheelchair designed for children in urban environment in low resourced settings. All D-Xjunior wheelchairs are provided with a D-Slim wheelchair pressure relief cushion. Features: Steel frame available in two sizes Adjustable seat depth Adjustable backrest height Adjustable footrest height Tension adjustable backrest upholstery Flip – up footplates Removable armrests with armrest padding D-Slim pressure relief cushion included with every wheelchair Note: The product requires adaptation for users with postural support needs Specifications: Seat width 12” (30cm), 14” (35cm) Seat depth 11” (28cm), 13” (33cm), adjustable Backrest height 12” (30cm), 14” (35cm), 16” (40cm), adjustable Castor wheel 6” x 1” solid tyre castor wheel Rear wheel 22” x 13/8” pneumatic tyre Mag wheel, Chromium plated steel hand rim or 20″ x 1.75″ pneumatic tyre wheel, Chromium plated steel hand rim Toolkit Included Approximate product weight 14.5-15kg/ 32-33lb Weight capacity 84kg/ 185lb Tested according to ISO7176 CE marked US$170 FOB. Price subject to change without notice. Please Note: The D–Xjunior Wheelchair design is the property of Diversability Development Organization. No part of this design, including all original concepts and ideas contained herein, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of Diversability Development Organization.

This device has been designed specifically for use in rural and low-resource settings. It has been clinically tested and locally produced in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Afghanistan. Graduates of the Wheelchair Technologists Training Course at TATCOT in Tanzania are trained to produce this wheelchair and go on to manufacture them in Africa.

The Madiba2Go is the latest addition to our range of kids posture support buggies. It's foldable off-road base frame carries a modern modular seating system that can easily be adapted on-site to suit the postural needs of mild to intermediate users.

GEN_3 is the latest evolution of our GEN_2 concept. Our goal was to add a folding component to our wheelchair, as this was this largest request we received from the field upon seeking feedback from our first two iterations of wheelchairs. We designed GEN_3 to be just as adjustable as the Gen_2, but allow for wheelchair users and family members to fold for easier storage and transport. It allows adjustments to its width, seat length, backrest height and is capable of a large range of footrest positions. We can configure it to give optimum postural support for users with special needs. The rear wheels have been positioned to make movement more efficient thus facilitating travel over long distances.

The Sully active kids wheelchair gives mobility and independence to children who need that little bit more postural support. It is designed to be highly manoeuvrable and stable, offering the user a means to comfortably move around and explore the world and stimulate the mind of even the most inquisitive child.

Motivation’s Active Folding Wheelchair is a size adjustable, active, four wheel wheelchair for semi-urban environments. It is distributed through a network of Motivation’s wheelchair service partners worldwide.

Designed from UCP Wheels for Humanity’s 19 years of service in 70 nations, the UCP Liberty has all the intermediate positioning features that are standard in the high-end commercial market at an affordable price. The Liberty is adjustable, rugged, repairable and growable so that kids can be independent and happy for years. Common system requirements of the WHO compliant intermediate wheelchair service were built into the chair so that service can function effectively and efficiently.

For children with or without postural support needs.

A custom fit active wheelchair for image-conscious users in urban and semi-urban areas who are economically disadvantaged. Chair features light weight, super durability, transportability, extensive fit and positioning options, and a sleek urban look.