Gravel Terrain

The Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) is the mountain bike of wheelchairs. LFC riders push levers instead of the wheels, giving them the torque they need to travel on rough terrain. For indoor use, the levers can be removed and stored on the frame, and the rider can push on the pushrims.

The WhizKid Wheeled Postural Support System combines two great products to create the perfect mobility solution for disabled children (and adults) with postural support needs in low resourced settings. WhizKid attaches the D-Seat, designed by Diversability Development Organization (DDO), to Whirlwind’s acclaimed RoughRider® all-terrain wheelchair, making it easy for children to push themselves, or be pushed, over ground that would be difficult or impossible to traverse in a standard wheelchair. The design is consistent with the World Health Organization Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less-Resourced Settings and perfectly complements the Wheelchair Service Training Packages. The complete WhizKid has been built on a modular format which enables creative customization. Features: Adjustable seat depth Adjustable seat width Adjustable backrest height Adjustable seat to back angle Adjustable tilt angle Adjustable height, width and depth of Lateral Trunk Supports, Abductor, Lateral Pelvic Support, Headrest, padded straps (shoulder, chest, lap, foot) customizable cushion removable tray The WhizKid is available for all ages. The quick release feature of the D-Seat and the folding mechanism of the RoughRider facilitate easy transportation. Optional parts are also available for further customization. For product inquiries please contact DDO at or Whirlwind Wheelchair International at Important: This product must be fitted by trained service providers. Given a trained and creative provider, WhizKid could be used to develop many creative seating solutions. A service provider with limited knowledge and skills can improve through direct training and supervised practice.

The D-Combi is a versatile seating system designed for low-resourced settings. The seating system includes great features that are offered by the combination of the award-winning wheelchair seating unit (D–Seat) and the wheeled base with built in tilt-in-space feature (D–Base). The D-Combi serves both child and adult size users. Adjustable tilt-in-space Steel frame available in two sizes – Small (S) and Large (L). D-Base size ‘S’ can be used in combination with D-Seat sizes ‘S’ and ‘M’. D–Base size ‘L’ can be used in combination with D-Seat sizes ‘L’ and ‘XL’. Adjustable seat depth Adjustable backrest height Adjustable footrest height Foldable backrest for transport and storage Removable composite footplates with calf strap Removable small rear wheel subassembly Optional quick release large solid tyre rear wheels Specifications: Seat width 12" (30cm) 14” (35cm) 16" (40cm) 18” (45cm) Maximum seat depth 16” (40cm) 18” (45cm) Maximum backrest height 22” (55cm) Tilt – in – space 0 to 25-degree tilt, adjustable while the user seated in the seating unit. Note: In addition, the tilt can be increased by setting the D-Seat at an angle relative to the D-Base at the time of fitting. 0 to 25-degree tilt, adjustable while the user seated in the seating unit. Note: In addition, the tilt can be increased by setting the D-Seat at an angle relative to the D-Base at the time of fitting. Castor wheels 8” x 1” solid tyre Standard rear wheels 8” x 1” solid tyre Optional rear wheels 22” x 1” solid tyre rear wheel or 24” x 1 3/8” solid tyre rear wheel Aluminium hand rim, quick release axle Please note – The D-Base comes standard with small rear wheels. The D-Base can be supplied with large rear wheels as standard on special request orders that meet the minimum order quantity. Approximate product weight 17kg, 21.5kg Recommended maximum user weight capacity 50kg/ 110lb or 114kg/ 250lb CE marked US$ 251 FOB. The FOB price given is for sizes 12" and 14" and are subject to change without notice. Please note: The D – Combi Wheelchair Seating Solutions design is the property of Diversability Development Organization. No part of this design, including all original concepts and ideas contained herein, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of Diversability Development Organization.

The Madiba2Go is the latest addition to our range of kids posture support buggies. It's foldable off-road base frame carries a modern modular seating system that can easily be adapted on-site to suit the postural needs of mild to intermediate users.

A highly versatile, folding, tilt-and-recline wheelchair for children in less resourced countries from age 1 to age 14 . The ROCKIT Chair can be configured with 3 wheelbase options,a big wheel, stroller or three wheeler. The ROCKIT Chair features numerous seating and positioning options to provide comfort and support for children with complex seating needs. The ROCKIT Chair can be produced by the indigenous population, creating employment opportunities for the able bodied and disabled.

Designed from UCP Wheels for Humanity’s 19 years of service in 70 nations, the UCP Liberty has all the intermediate positioning features that are standard in the high-end commercial market at an affordable price. The Liberty is adjustable, rugged, repairable and growable so that kids can be independent and happy for years. Common system requirements of the WHO compliant intermediate wheelchair service were built into the chair so that service can function effectively and efficiently.

For children with or without postural support needs. Includes: Solid seat, adjustable back height, side trunk supports, tilting seating system, tipping prevention, adjustable seat depth, abductor, seat belt, chest strap.

An innovative, children designed wheelchair, to fit semi active children with less postural needs, estimated for ages 5 to 9, in urban and semi-urban areas. It was developed under the directions of the professional team of the ALYN Pediatrics Rehabilitation Hospital,and complies with ISO 7176 and EN 12183 International Standards The chair features a compelling design, light weight, very low maintenance, high durability, and the affordable tag price of $100 at less developed environments. Delivered with cushion ,safety belt and anti tilt device.

A custom fit active wheelchair for image-conscious users in urban and semi-urban areas who are economically disadvantaged. Chair features light weight, super durability, transportability, extensive fit and positioning options, and a sleek urban look.