Outdoor Only/Sport

For children with or without postural support needs. Includes: Solid seat, adjustable back height, side trunk supports, tilting seating system, tipping prevention, adjustable seat depth, abductor, seat belt chest strap

The Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) is the mountain bike of wheelchairs. LFC riders push levers instead of the wheels, giving them the torque they need to travel on rough terrain. For indoor use, the levers can be removed and stored on the frame, and the rider can push on the pushrims.

Ultra-light sports wheelchair available in two models: D-PlayB for basketball D-PlayT for Tennis and Badminton D-PlayB model has been designed according to the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation Rules. Features: Ultra-light yet sturdy Aluminum frame available in six sizes 18 degree fixed rear wheel camber for increased maneuverability Tension adjustable seat and backrest Nylon upholstery Height adjustable single anti-tipper on D-PlayB model Removable dual anti-tipper on D-PlayT model Adjustable backrest height Adjustable footrest height Frame front guard on D-PlayB model Single layer seat cushion standard provided with both models Calf and lap strap standard on both models Additional foot strap on D-PlayB model Specifications: Seat width 13” (33cm), 14” (35cm), 15” (38cm), 16” (40.5cm), 17” (43cm), 18” (45.5cm) Seat depth 16” (40.5cm) Backrest height 8” – 12” (20cm – 30cm), adjustable Weight 12kg/26lb Rear wheels 26” x 1” standard, 25” x 1” and 24” x 1” available on request Castors 3” mini-castors with Aluminum forks CE marked US$ 351 FOB. Price subject to change without notice.

The Motivation Dedicated Tricycle is hand powered. Built on the platform of the WM3 wheelchair it provides some postural support to the user. It has a height adjustable footrest, pedals and backrest so that the user can have an optimal riding position and maximum comfort. It has a basic cushion, sculpted backrest and comes with a built in rear carrier.

This device has been designed specifically for use in rural and low-resource settings. It has been clinically tested and locally produced in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Afghanistan. Graduates of the Wheelchair Technologists Training Course at TATCOT in Tanzania are trained to produce this wheelchair and go on to manufacture them in Africa.